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Perutusan Ketua Pegawai EksekutifPerutusan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif

Salam Sejahtera dan Salam Satu Malaysia.

Greetings to all Malaysians, especially Sarawakians who are looking forward with excitement to the 28th edition of SUKMA Games.

It is a great honour for me to be given this responsibility to play a role as CEO of the Sarawak Sports Corporation and Director of the Sarawak State Sports Council.

This year being the year of SUKMA being held at our doorstep it is imperative that we have a mission to wrest back the champion title of SUKMA champion to Sarawak.

It will be no easy task but it is believe that with full commitment and hard work and a sense of professionalism in our approach, we can achieve our target with strategic planning being our strong point and the employing of more quality coaches.

To win the SUKMA crown, our target is 72 golds and with the full support by our SUT (Permanent Secretary) Encik Kameri Hj. Affandi and not forgetting the dedication of the Sarawak people we can achieve our target.

Apart from SUKMA, with the establishment of the Sarawak Sports Corporation (SSC) will bring Sarawak sports to the forefront of the nation - Malaysia's Sports Powerhouse by the Year 2020.

Our SSC mission will be to ensure ample supply of talent for the core sports. Our ultimate aim is that 80 percent of our targeted sports associations will be self-financed by 2020.

With just about seven months to go (at the point of writing) before the curtain call at the SUKMA 2016, I called upon the support and all-out effort from all concerned to rally and win Sarawak the biggest crown in Malaysia - as SUKMA overall champion. From now on it will be full steam ahead until our big day. So see you all in Sarawak then. 

Thank you.
Dr. Ong Kong Swee
Chief Officer Executive
Sarawak Sports Corporation