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Perutusan Ketua Pegawai EksekutifPerutusan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif

Salam Sejahtera

With the establishment of Sarawak Sports Corporation, we have set in motion the business of transformation of sports in the State.

To turn Sarawak into a sports powerhouse cannot be done overnight but already the SSC have scored several “firsts” including in order to have a perfect delivery system.

We cannot have qualified athletes before we have quality coaches or sports administrators.

So we have in our year calendar organized some basic and advanced education course such as sports science courses so that we can produce quality management among the sports associations and other agencies connected with sports.

Our main emphasis is on the application of sports science such as having quality coaches, having the latest quality sports equipment, consultant in the various fields of sports. 

In other words sports science is very important as it provide a major boost in our sports development.

Another aspect of sports science is the talent ID or identifying programmed so that the finest athletes will be chosen.

Another first the SSC had taken in the employment of a team of engineers so that our organization is has a delivery support system which can save plenty of time when it comes to organization major sports events at the State or international level. Sports facilities must be up to specifications in some highly technical sports which include shooting, or cricket and our own engineer can make sure the facility to be built conformed with the requirements needed at the highest international level. 

In our thrusts to become a sports powerhouse in Malaysia, Sarawak also need to be able to provide a sports environment with many of these international sports events to be held here.

Already we have also organized several international events which include the Malaysian Masters badminton championships, the Malaysian Masters which were held in Sibu, the South East Asian squash tournament and the Asian level squash tournament.

Sarawak will see an unprecedented number of international sports events to be hosted in our State in the near future with the 31stMalaysian International Open Masters Athletics championships held from July 22-23 2017. Also Sarawak is in the bidding for more international Games to be held in the State which include the World Paralympic swimming championships in 2019, the Asian Masters athletics championships also to be held in 2019 and will lobby for another international badminton event to be held in Sibu next year.

Thank You.

Dr. Ong Kong Swee
Chief Officer Executive
Sarawak Sports Corporation